What is Frida Foundation?

We are a non-profit organization with a mission to Make Good. We save and bring joy to animals around the globe by directly supporting their welfare.

Frida Foundation is a dedicated to fundraise on behalf of those who can’t ask for themselves. Donors can help by purchasing products, giving monetarily to help with rescues or take animals in their care.


How can I help rescue animals on Frida Foundation?

There are 3 ways on how you can help rescue animals on Frida Foundation:


www.Frida Foundation.org/BuyHappiness

Every proceeds of any product sold on FridaFoundation.org is used to support the most urgent needs animals from our pack.


www.Frida Foundation.org/club

If you want to give ongoing support to the most urgent needs animals, you can join the Make Good Club. You can choose the amount you want to give monthly; most people give between $30-$100/mo. All funds from the Make Good Club are used directly to purchase most needed supplies for rescue animals on a weekly basis.


www.Frida Foundation.org/donate

You can support any animal directly by giving a donation to them. All funds are sent directly to Rescue, Care or Shelter that cares for the animal.


How can I be sure my donation is helping the pet I donate to?

Our fundraising team has a thorough verification system and also works closely with all of our partners to setup campaigns. In certain cases, we also verify with their veterinary partner that they are providing care to the dogs.

We will keep you posted on the dog’s progress until they are well or find a forever loving home.


How do I obtain my donation receipt?

A receipt is emailed to you each time you donate. If you created an account with Frida Foundation, you will be able to find a complete list of all your transactions. You can always email us at info@fridafoundation.org


Can my donation be refunded?

In order to support the urgent needs cases on Frida Foundation, we send items and funds as quickly as possible to our rescue partners. Because of our accelerated payment system, refunds are not possible through our platform.


How can I become more involved with animal welfare?

You are absolutely amazing for asking this! With so many animals in need, it is important we all take responsibility for making their lives a little brighter. Shoot us an email to info@fridafoundation.org and let us know you are interested in helping and we’ll find a way to make it happen :)